Rantoul Street, Beverly, MA in 1910 & 1920

United States Population Census of 1910 & 1920

Rantoul Street is one of two main streets in Beverly. It consists of mostly multi-family dwellings and small stores. Rantoul Street has traditionally been the first area of domicile for a myriad of immigrant groups. Over the period 1900 - 1920 roughly one thousand people lived on this street. Two students have transcribed complete census information on every man, woman, and child living on Rantoul Street in the census years 1910 and 1920. The individual census data for these residents has been incorporated into a database (see below) using these censuses. On a very superficial level, this will enable anyone to research any Rantoul Street resident during this period. On a more sophisticated level, we will be using this database to trace such demographic aspects as upward mobility, fecundity, population density, etc.  To visit the database, click on the link below:

Data Compiled by Kelly Faust and Meaghan Thibault for W. Dean Eastman's Primary Research Through the History of Beverly Course , June 1996.

Rantoul Street Data:

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