Documents Relating to Slavery & Segregation in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Slave Trade Documents. Record Linkage Exercise from PATH (Project Apprentice to History).

House Reports, 1822.
No. 46. Free Negroes and Mulattoes. 16 p.

House Reports, 1839.
No. 28. Petitions Respecting Distinctions of Color. 16 p.
No. 38. Deliverance of Citizens Liable to Be Sold as Slaves. 36 p.

House Reports, 1840.
No. 44. Slavery, and Admission of New States. 7 p.
No. 46. Interracial Marriages. 8 p.

House Reports, 1843.
No. 9. Correspondence with Virginia in the Case of George Lattimer. 22 p.
No. 35. Recovery of Citizens of Massachusetts Unlawfully Imprisoned in Southern States. 11 p.
No. 41. Fugitive Slaves in Massachusetts. 37 p.
No. 48. Imprisonment of Colored Seamen. 5 p.

House Reports, 1851
No. 100. Petition of William C. Nell. 5 p. (Petition to erect a statue in memory of Crispus Attucks)

Senate Reports, 1838.
No. 87. Powers and Duties of Congress upon the Subject of Slavery and the Slave Trade. 36 p.

Senate Reports, 1839.
No. 35. Foreign Slave Trade. 16 p.
No. 37. Domestic Slavery. 11 p.

Senate Reports, 1842.
No. 63. Equal Rights in Railroad Accomodations. 13 p.

Senate Reports, 1851.
No. 51. Joint Special Committee on So Much of the Governor's Address as Relates to Slavery and on Petitions Praying to the Legislature to Instruct Their Senators and to Request Representatives in Congress to Endeavor to Procure a Repeal of the Fugitive Slave Law. 19 p.

Harris, Thaddeus Mason. A Discourse Delivered Before the African Society in Boston, 15th of July, 1822: On the Anniversary Celebration of the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Boston: Printed by Phelps and Farhnman, 1822. Couretsy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Instructions on Repelling Slave Hunters. Henry Ingersoll Bowditch. Boston Anti-Man-Hunting League Records. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 1 p.

Boston Vigilance League Meeting Minutes, September 13, 1846. Boston Anti-Man-Hunting League Records, 1846-1882. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 12 p.

Account book of Francis Jackson (selected pages from 1850-1852). Vigilance Committee of Boston Papers. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 20 p.

Records of the Boston Vigilance Committee, 1854-55. Boston Anti-Man-Hunting League Records. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 12 p.


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